Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy

Understand Your Coverage Options

We’ll Walk You Through Your Coverage

One of the biggest concerns that families have when they begin looking into ABA Therapy programs is: “How will I pay for my child’s therapy?” Over the past several years, many states have passed insurance mandates that require policies through in-state private insurance companies to cover ABA therapy. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, and without significant experience navigating the world of insurance and autism therapy, it can be hard to determine whether you are receiving accurate information.

We Don’t Stop There

At CEAS, we have a firm understanding of both the insurance law as it relates to autism therapy and the policies of each of the major insurance companies. We have over a decade of experience dealing with every type of insurance policy: HMO, PPO, fully-funded, self-funded, group, individual, in-state, out of state, private and federal policy.

We will see your claims through from start to finish.

We often speak with families who have been given incorrect information about their insurance coverage and have been stuck with a large bill that they must pay out of their own pocket. That won’t happen at CEAS. We will make sure that your policy is working for you. We are in-network, participating providers with each of the major insurance companies, as well as many of the smaller carriers and HMOs.

Questions? We’re Ready to Help.

Parents interested in learning more about the services offered by CEAS can complete a preliminary application and set up a time to talk to a consultant. The purpose of this initial meeting is to give a basic overview of applied behavior analysis, answer questions about the program and our approach, discuss costs, and answer questions about insurance coverage.