Our Program is Individualized

Our program is comprehensive because we look at every area of development. We start from a structured program based on years of research and experience, and from there your child’s program will be individualized on a weekly basis to ensure that their specific needs are being met.

A Focus on Independence

Whether it’s brushing teeth, getting dressed, transitioning between settings or participating in family routines, we cover it all. Our goal is to help your child become as independent as possible. We also specialize in toilet training, feeding programs and sleeping programs. When we teach our clients self-help skills, we ensure that these skills are learned not just with our therapists, but that they are generalized with parents and family members.

Toilet Training

Our program includes both an intensive and coordinated toilet training process. Our team of therapists is ready to help your child achieve this self-help milestone.

Questions? We’re Ready to Help.

Parents interested in learning more about the services offered by CEAS can complete a preliminary application and set up a time to talk to a consultant. The purpose of this initial meeting is to give a basic overview of applied behavior analysis, answer questions about the program and our approach, discuss costs, and answer questions about insurance coverage.