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At Early Autism Services, we are passionate about the potential of your child. Since our founding in 2008, we’ve believed the best way to develop that potential is through proactive, personalized Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy programs that enable families to work hand in hand with licensed professionals. We offer high-quality ABA therapy in Bengaluru, as well as throughout United States and Australia.

We are a team made of hundreds of experienced Behaviour Therapists, Board Certified Behaviours Analysts and caring individuals who are all committed to helping children with autism, and their families.

Center-Based ABA Therapy Bengaluru Early Autism Services

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EAS offers center-based ABA therapy at our two therapy clinics in Bengaluru:

  • 2153 D Block 16th Cross, 8th Main, Sahakara Nagar, Bengaluru
  • No. 681, 6th C Main Road, 14th Cross, J P Nagar, 3rd Phase, Bengaluru

Our center-based programs focus on skills such as:

  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Social skills
  • School Readiness
  • Pre-Academic
  • Play skills
  • Language & Communication
  • Self-help
  • Behavioral Planning
  • And more!
Occupational Therapy Early Autism Services Bengaluru

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We offer Occupational Therapy (OT) at our Bengaluru therapy clinic located at 2153 D Block 16th Cross, 8th Main, Sahakara Nagar, Bengaluru.

Our Occupational Therapists are highly trained healthcare professionals that can work with your child to help them participate in meaningful activities or “occupations” that are needed to conduct their daily routines and live their life to the fullest. Some areas our team can help with include:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Motor planning skills
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Visual-motor and visual perceptual skills
  • Self-care
  • Decreased strength
  • Social-emotional difficulties
Telehealth Therapy Early Autism Services Bangalore

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We offer Telehealth/Remote ABA therapy for those families looking for an online therapy option. Remote therapy is typically recommended for children over the age of 6 years old, and who are able to maintain engagement through a virtual meeting. Telehealth is a great option for families who need a solution that is flexible. Our remote programs work on skills such as:

  • Language & Communication
  • Self-help
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Behavioral Planning
  • Pre-Academic
  • Social Skills
  • And more!

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EAS provides center-based ABA therapy and Occupational Therapy for children with autism at our two therapy centers located at:

  • 2153 D Block 16th Cross, 8th Main, Sahakara Nagar, Bengaluru
  • No. 681, 6th C Main Road, 14th Cross, J P Nagar, 3rd Phase, Bengaluru

We help children with autism build skills in areas such as: Behaviour PlanningFine and Gross Motor SkillsLanguage and CommunicationPlay SkillsPre-Academic SkillsSelf-HelpSocial Skills; and more.

Our team in Bengaluru is a group of highly-trained and caring individuals. We specialise in building personalised therapy programs for children with autism. 

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My Child was just
diagnosed with autism.

Now What?

From understanding your child’s diagnosis, to starting a therapy program, there are many steps along the way. Our team of clinicians are here to help. We can answer any questions you have and get you on the path to starting a personalized therapy program for your child. Below is a step-by-step guide of our process at EAS.

Whether you’re ready to schedule a free consultation or just want to talk, we’re here. 91 73380 12020

A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) will meet with both you and your child to discuss our programs, answer questions and better understand your goals.

A BCBA will provide a 1:1 assessment. Our team will take the time to engage with your child through play, observation and conversation. This allows our clinicians to build a personalized program tailored to your child.

Our team will build a personalized treatment plan tailored to your child’s individual needs. These programs typically include a combination of skills such as language & communication, self-help skills, motor skills, pre-academic skills, social skills and more.

We’ll reassess via all-staff meetings and collaborate with you to ensure the plan continues to address your child’s needs over time.

ABA Therapy Center in Bengaluru

Meet Our Bengaluru
Clinical Director

Suchitra Choudhury, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Suchitra Choudhury is the Clinical Director of Early Autism Services (EAS), Bengaluru, India. She completed her ABA course sequence from University of Florida, and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. She has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, Noida. She pursues towards ethical application of the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis in various domains.

Suchitra has 6 years of experience of working with individuals on the autism spectrum and is passionate about effectively using scientifically proven techniques in the reduction of problem behaviour and to increase appropriate behaviour. She takes a keen interest in learning and spreading knowledge and information about ABA with people from all walks of life.

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is an autism treatment plan that focuses on the science of learning and behaviour. These programs have many uses and are most commonly employed to help children develop communication skills, improve attention and limit negative behaviour issues.

One benefit of an ABA therapy program is it is flexible to meet your child’s specific needs. With our autism therapy in India, our team will constantly assess your child’s progress to ensure they are achieving their treatment goals. We also hold weekly all-staff meetings to discuss your child’s progress. With these constant assessments, we can quickly see if your child’s treatment plan requires adjustment and how your child is responding to treatment.

During your child’s therapy session, their therapist may use several treatment methods. In some sessions, the therapist may instruct your child or lead them through an exercise. At other times, the therapist may let your child control what happens in the session while they observe their behaviour. As part of our autism treatment in India, we also provide resources for parents and caregivers. Our classes and other informational materials allow parents to help their child practise their skills outside of therapy.

Is ABA Therapy Effective?

ABA therapy is an extremely effective therapy for children with autism. Our qualified and experienced board-certified behaviour analysts (BCBAs) design and customize all our programs  to your child’s learning skills, interests and preferences.

We start each therapy program by assessing your child to determine their abilities. After this assessment, one of our experienced BCBAs will create a goal for your child and a treatment plan to work toward this objective. Our clients have achieved many goals, such as:

  • Improving communication skills.
  • Developing social skills.
  • Learning self-care tasks.
  • Enhancing learning and academic skills.

Part of what makes our ABA therapy in India so effective is that our therapist will break down each goal into small steps to help your child learn the basics before moving on to more complex skills.

ABA Therapy

Center-based ABA therapy provides children with a more structured setting that can be controlled to better address maladaptive behaviors or skill deficits.

Children who are easily distracted or have behaviours requiring a more intensive or structured program will benefit from centre-based therapy. Sessions in the clinic allow them to achieve goals with peers while building social skills.

Is Center-Based Therapy
Right For Your Child?

Some needs that would make a child ideal for our therapy program at EAS include:

  • Your child has made minimal progress doing only in-home therapy and would benefit from a more structured environment.
  • Your child has behaviors that are reinforced in the home environment that are impeding their ability to learn and make progress.
  • Your child has been removed from multiple daycare or preschool settings due to maladaptive behaviors or skill deficits.
  • Your child is unable to be successful in an after-school program and would benefit from a more structured program to address skill deficits.
  • Your child would benefit from working on social skills goals in a small group setting.
ABA Therapy Center in Bengaluru

We are here to help.

If you would like to learn more about our ABA therapy program at EAS, please complete the brief form below to request a free consultation. One of our clinicians will reach out for an initial meeting to give a basic overview of applied behavior analysis (ABA Therapy), answer questions about the program and our approach, discuss costs and answer questions about your insurance coverage.