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Speech/Occupational Therapy

Speech/Occupational Therapy in
Nashville, TN

Our Nashville team is a group of highly-trained and caring individuals whose primary concern is your child’s success. We specialize in building personalized Speech and Occupational therapy programs that help children with all diagnoses reach their fullest potential. 

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Insurances We Accept

We are in-network with the following insurance providers. If you don’t see your provider listed below, please give our team a call and we will check if we are able to work with your plan.

Speech/Occupational Therapy

  • Aetna (Speech is In-Network, OT is coming soon)
  • BCBS (Commercial)
  • BlueCare (Medicaid)
  • Bright Health
  • Humana Military – TriCare East
  • TennCare (Medicaid)
  • Amerigroup – Medicaid
  • United HealthCare Optum
Child Receiving ABA Therapy at Early Autism Services

My child may need speech or OT services

Now What?

Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists accept clients with all diagnoses who are looking for just speech and occupational therapy in addition to working with clients who are also receiving ABA in our clinics for a fully personalized program. We can answer any questions you have and get you on the path to starting a personalized therapy program for your child. Below is a step-by-step guide of our speech and occupational therapy process at EAS.

Our Simple
4-Step Process

Whether you’re ready to schedule an evaluation or just want to talk, we’re here. 615.864.3327

From insurance submission to communicating with your provider through authorization – our team will manage the entire process.

An SLP or an OT will provide a 1:1 evaluation. Our Therapist will engage with your child through play, observation, and conversation. This allows our Therapist to build a personalized program tailored to your child.

We’ll reassess periodically and collaborate with you to ensure the plan continues to address your child’s needs over time.

Child With Autism Receiving ABA Therapy
Nashville ABA Therapy Center Video

Center-based Speech
and Occupational Therapy

Early Autism Services is now enrolling for our Nashville therapy center which is located at 640 Grassmere Park, Suite 116, Nashville, TN 37211. We offer ABA Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, and Occupational Therapy for children ages 18 months – 12 years old.

Our center-based therapy services include a balance of table-time learning and play-based learning. We work on areas such as: Social Skills, Play Skills, Pre-Academic Skills, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Language & Communications, and more!

Meet Our

Chrissy Schenk: Tennessee Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

Chrissy Schenk is the National Lead Speech-Language Pathologist based out of Nashville, TN. She has a passion for working with individuals with ASD and has served this population across multiple settings including pediatric outpatient, home health care, early intervention, acute care, and the public school systems. Chrissy completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Speech/Language Pathology at East Stroudsburg University and holds an additional Bachelor of Arts in psychology, specializing in working with children with behavioral needs. Additional areas of expertise include: AAC, stuttering, and social skills.

Morgan Hannah: Tennessee Lead Occupational Therapist

Morgan Hannah is the Lead Occupational Therapist for Early Autism Services at the Nashville location. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Science from Eastern Kentucky University, as well as a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy. Morgan has provided Occupational Therapy services in a variety of settings including school systems and serving the pediatric population in an ABA based outpatient clinic. 

Speech and Language Therapy

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We offer speech and language therapy at our Nashville therapy center located at 640 Grassmere Park, Suite 116, Nashville, TN 37211. Speech & Language Therapy is designed to help treat any and all communication disorders. This includes treatment for any language delays, teaching communication skills, and/or speech sound disorders.

Our programs can help your child:

  • Develop functional communication through AAC
  • Produce age-appropriate speech sounds
  • Learn new social skills for stronger interactions with peers
  • Develop novel language and reduce echolalia
  • Learn to formulate sentences
Occupational Therapy

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We offer Occupational Therapy (OT) at our Nashville therapy clinic located at 640 Grassmere Park, Suite 116, Nashville, TN, 37211.

Our Occupational Therapists are highly trained healthcare professionals that can work with your child to help them participate in meaningful activities or “occupations” that are needed to conduct their daily routines and live their life to the fullest. Some areas our team can help with include:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Motor planning skills
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Visual-motor and visual perceptual skills
  • Self-care
  • Decreased strength
  • Social-emotional difficulties
Center-Based ABA Therapy

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We offer center-based ABA therapy at our clinic located at 640 Grassmere Park, Suite 116, Nashville, TN 37211. We are currently now enrolling for both morning and afternoon hours. Click Here to take a virtual tour of our therapy center!

Our center-based programs focus on skills such as:

  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Pre-Academic & School Readiness
  • Social skills
  • Self-help & Toilet Training
  • Play skills
  • Language & Communication
  • Behavioral Planning
  • And more!
In-Home ABA Therapy

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We offer in-home ABA therapy throughout the greater Nashville area. In-home services are generally for children between the ages 2-12 and are good for generalizing skills in a child’s natural environment. We focus on skills such as:

  • Language & Communication
  • Self-help
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Behavioral Planning
  • Pre-Academic
  • Social Skills
  • And more!
Telehealth ABA Therapy

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We offer Telehealth ABA therapy throughout the greater Nashville area, including areas that are outside of our in-home and center-based service areas. Remote therapy is typically recommended for children over the age of 6 years old, and who are able to maintain engagement through a virtual meeting. Telehealth is a great option for families who need a solution that is flexible. Our remote programs work on skills such as:

  • Language & Communication
  • Self-help
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Behavioral Planning
  • Pre-Academic
  • Social Skills
  • And more!
Social Skills Groups for Autism

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Our social skills groups offer children with autism the opportunity to practice social skills with a group of peers at the guidance of one of our trained clinicians. Groups typically meet in the evenings and on weekends either in person or via Zoom, and are geared for children ages 6-13. During our social skills groups we focus on skills such as:

  • Peer play
  • Conversation
  • Turn taking
  • Listening skills
  • Cooperation