We build a personalized autism therapy program, unique for each child, to help them reach their full potential in every area of development.

Comprehensive Early Autism Services (CEAS) addresses a full range of developmental needs.

CEAS has over a decade of experience providing effective, high-quality ABA therapy. Our therapy model has built a longstanding reputation for obtaining results. The personalized ABA therapy programs we develop draw on this expertise, while also relying on the ever growing body of research surrounding effective autism treatment.

We focus on teaching children functional skills.

Our autism therapy program breaks skills down into small steps, and then teaches them to mastery. We build goals to work toward more advanced verbal communication, reduce behavior problems, create richer social interactions, and help children be successful in the classroom and day-to-day life.

  • Behavior Planning
  • Fine & Gross Motor skills
  • Language & Communication
  • Play
  • Pre-academic Skills
  • Self-Help
  • Social Skills

Getting Started

Whether you’re looking for help understanding your insurance coverage, or would like to speak with a clinician about our services, we can help you get started.

Insurance Coverage

We have a firm understanding of insurance law, and the policies of the major insurance companies. With over a decade of experience, we have worked with every type of insurance policy: HMO, PPO, fully-funded, self-funded, group, individual, in-state, out of state, private or federal policy. Our team will guide you through the insurance process.

First Steps

If you are a parent interested in learning more about our ABA therapy program, please CLICK HERE to fill out a Consultation Request Form. One of our consultants will reach out to set up a time to talk with you. The purpose of this initial meeting is to give a basic overview of applied behavior analysis, answer questions about the program and our approach, discuss costs, and answer questions about insurance coverage.

Know What To Expect

Your child will receive a comprehensive, research driven, data-based and continually updated program to address their individual needs.