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Center-Based ABA Therapy

Our center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services offer a fun and inviting environment for your child to learn, explore and grow! While our programs are data-driven and goal-oriented, we use a play-based learning model. All our center-based programs include table time learning, interactive peer play and free play.

Our therapy programs are one on one, which means your child will have a dedicated Behavior Technician working with them directly under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Our Therapy Process

For a personalized center-based ABA therapy plan, you and your child will need to follow our five-step process.

  1. Contact us: Call us at 312-965-2997 to speak with one of our clinicians and schedule a free consultation.
  2. Have a consultation: Attend your free consultation at our autism treatment center with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). During this meeting, one of our clinicians will meet with you and your child to better understand their strengths and needs.
  3. Authorize your insurance: Let our staff authorize your insurance. From submitting a claim to communicating with your provider, our insurance experts will handle all your insurance needs.
  4. Do an assessment: Schedule your child’s one-on-one assessment at our ABA therapy autism center. Our staff will observe your child in various play and conversational situations. From there, we work with you to build a center-based autism program to help them build on their current skills and achieve new ones!
  5. Start treatment: Your child will begin therapy at our ABA center for autism.

Personalized Programs We Offer

Our experienced team of clinicians will help build a personalized program for your child and work toward achieving those targeted goals. These goals can include skills such as:

Benefits of Center-Based Services

1.) A Structured Environment

Some children prefer to establish a more structured environment and set of daily routines. Similar to a school environment, our centers have daily routines with dedicated time each day for specific skills, domains and free play. Many children enjoy the consistency of routines and thrive at our center.

Additionally, when your child receives therapy in a center, it allows our clinicians to have more control over variables such as interruptions, distractions and the overall setting while observing tasks.

2.) Social Skills

Center-based services offer a fantastic opportunity for children to meet new peers and learn social skills. While our therapy programs are one-on-one, with each child having a designated therapist, we incorporate social activities into each day for children to engage in group play and learning.

3.) Learning New Skills

While in-home learning is excellent for helping children establish and build on common skills and activities they will use daily at home, center-based behavioral therapy is great for teaching new skills. Some skills we focus on include activities like learning new routines, appropriate play, turn-taking, building new self-help skills and more!

4.) Convenience

For some families, in-home therapy is not an option for various reasons, including work, a non-conducive home setting or other factors. In these situations, receiving clinic-based ABA therapy might be the best option.

Why Choose Early Autism Services?

Early Autism Services has provided effective, data-driven ABA therapy for children with autism for over a decade. Since our founding in 2008, we’ve maintained our mission of developing potential through personal therapy programs that allow families and licensed professionals to work together.

When you partner with Early Autism Services, you’ll have access to our ABA Therapy clinic. Additionally, you’ll experience benefits such as

  • Data-focused programs: Our center for autism ABA therapy programs utilizes decades of research and experience in ABA therapy. We also provide constant reassessments to adapt our programs to better suit your child’s needs.
  • Individualized care: Every program is unique — just like your child. We modify our programs to fit your child’s needs with regular assessments, which enable us to monitor progress and change details as needed.
  • Expert clinicians: Our robust team contains hundreds of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), registered behavior therapists and registered technicians.
  • Insurance experts: Our insurance experts can assist with understanding the policies of major insurance providers. Insurance may feel complicated, but our team will handle your coverage from start to finish.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to schedule a free consultation or want to speak with somebody from our team, give us a call at our autism services center or click on the link below. Our team can provide you a basic overview of our programs, answer questions about our approach, discuss costs and walk you through your insurance coverage.