Reinforcement vs. Punishment

Reinforcement and Punishment

Difference Between Reinforcement and Punishment The first difference between these two terms commonly seen in applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is that ...
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Tips for teaching children with autism thumbnail

Tips for Teaching Children With Autism

Every child is different, and some have unique learning needs that make traditional learning methods less than ideal. Teaching kids ...
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The ABC's of Behavior

The ABC’s of Behavior

What Are the ABCs? Molly's daughter, Sarah, suddenly started running away when it was time for bed. Molly would chase ...
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Potty Training thumbnail

Potty Training Tips for Children With Autism

Potty training is an obstacle all parents and their children must navigate together. Children with autism have varying skills, needs ...
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Father Teaching Child to Bruch His Teeth

Teeth-Brushing: Helpful Tips for Teaching Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Ensuring your child's hygiene is up kept is one of the main tasks in our parenting role. However, important tasks such ...
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Snowmen at Night: Storytime Read-Along with EAS

EAS Story Time: Snowmen at Night: A fun read along story about snowmen that includes themes about understanding and identifying ...
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Emotions and Autism Therapy

Helping Your Child Manage Their Emotions

Learning to identify and regulate emotions can be very challenging, especially for young children on the autism spectrum. While emotions ...
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Enjoying the Holidays: Tips for Parents of Children with Autism

Holiday Tips for Parents of Children with Autism The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, full of family ...
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How to Motivate My Child with Autism

Children with autism are not typically socially motivated. We must then find any physical item, food, or activity that motivates ...
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Getting Through the Wait List

If you suspect your child might need a diagnosis to receive extra support and services, it is important to receive ...
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