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Autism Therapy + Parent Support

Early Autism Services (EAS) provides various Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) autism therapy services for both children and their families. These include: In-Home ABA Therapy, Center-Based ABA Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Parent/Professional Education Courses, and more.

In-Home ABA Therapy

We offer in-home ABA therapy throughout the greater Birmingham area. In-home services are generally for children between the ages 2-10 and are good for generalizing skills in a child’s natural environment. We focus on skills such as:

  • Language & Communication
  • Self-help
  • Fine & Gross Motor
  • Behavioral Planning
  • Pre-Academic
  • Social Skills
  • And more!
  • opportunities for discussion and feedback regarding the child’s Treatment Plan
  • opportunities for discussion and feedback regarding the child’s Treatment Plan

Our center-based ABA therapy services offer a fun and inviting environment for your child to learn, explore, and grow! While our programs are data driven and goal-oriented, we use a play-based learning model. All our center-based programs include time for table-time learning, interactive peer play, and free play.

Like our in-home ABA services, all our center-based ABA therapy programs are 1:1 which means that your child will have a dedicated Behavior Technician working with them directly under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Center-Based ABA Therapy

We offer parent support and guidance to all of our clients to ensure that parents and caregivers have the tools to help their child meet behavioral goals outside of direct therapy sessions. Parent guidance, frequently referred to as parent training. focuses on:

  • development of socially significant treatment plan and behavior goals
  • assisting parents/caregivers with consistently implementing the child’s treatment plan
  • generalization of the child’s skills with different people and in different settings/situations
  • maintaining the child’s learned skills over time
  • opportunities for discussion and feedback regarding the child’s Treatment Plan

Small teachable steps.
Targeted Skills

At EAS, we understand each child receiving treatment for autism spectrum disorder has a unique set of needs or requires additional help in certain skills. Children with autism often face issues learning how to communicate their wants effectively to the adults around them. In their struggle to communicate, they may begin to perform unwanted behaviors. In our individualized behavior analysis services, we help each child develop specific targeted skills to improve their social or behavioral development to communicate with their parents and peers effectively.

Some targeted skills our early intervention autism services for children focus on are:

Our ABA therapists use data-driven methods to help your child learn new skills and make lasting changes to their behavior. If you have any further questions about ABA therapy, speak with one of our expert clinicians to learn more.

Find Autism Therapy Services Near You With EAS

Parents looking for early intervention services for autism can trust their child will receive personalized, thoughtful care with EAS. Our trained Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts will work together to create a therapy program that will allow your child to reach their full potential. If you have any questions about our autism intervention services or want more information, request a free consultation today.