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A Focus on Independence

Whether it’s brushing teeth, getting dressed, transitioning between settings or participating in family routines, we cover it all. Our goal is to help your child become as independent as possible. We also specialize in toilet training, feeding programs and sleeping programs. When we teach our clients self-help skills, we ensure that these skills are learned not just with our therapists, but that they are generalized with parents and family members.

Toilet Training

Our program includes both an intensive and coordinated toilet training process. Our team of therapists is ready to help your child achieve this self-help milestone.

A child with autism may experience challenges in communication, sensory processing and behavior control that may impact their toilet training. Some children can effectively use the toilet in a few weeks. Others, however, require a longer amount of time. We will adapt your child’s therapy plan to meet their specific needs and work with them as long as it takes to develop this necessary skill.

It is also essential to seek a medical evaluation before beginning intensive potty training for your child with autism. If your child has intestinal issues or underlying medical problems, these things may be the primary cause of toilet training difficulties. If this is the case, your child is not entirely in control when it comes to using the toilet, and creating consequences for these actions will only worsen the issue.

If your child is not experiencing medical issues relating to their ability to go to the bathroom, other factors may be contributing to potty training difficulties. Your child should see one of our professionals for toilet training for children with autism if they experience the following:

  • Your child exhibits little interest in the toilet, no concerns about soiling themselves or a general lack of being ready for toilet training.
  • Your child has a phobia of the smells or sounds or the toilet itself.
  • You notice your child is experiencing fear of or disinterest in using toilets at school or other public places.

At EAS, our autism potty training services use assessment and observation to identify the main cause of your child’s potty training difficulties. After determining the issue, our therapists will create a treatment plan and use our ABA method and positive reinforcement to encourage beneficial self-help behaviors. Depending on your child’s needs, we may use visual supports to help them develop a routine. We also offer the option to teach how to stay dry at night and ask to use the bathroom as separate therapy sessions.

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