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Dawnita Shively


Dawnita has over 20 years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has a Master of Business Administration and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who studied at the Florida Institute of Technology. Dawnita has worked in homes, schools, hospitals and clinic settings with children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

Over the past ten years, Dawnita has assisted organizations in growing and scaling home and clinic-based early intervention programs. In addition, she provides consultation on effective supervision and implementing safe behavior reduction strategies. She believes ethical and sustainable growth is necessary and attainable. Dawnita celebrates and embraces our staff and clients’ individuality and personal goals. She leverages the technology of ABA to support her clients in learning skills that are valuable to the individual and their community. Dawnita enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, practicing and teaching yoga, and hanging out with her three chihuahuas.

Vincent Scarlata


Vincent Scarlata is the Chief Financial Officer at EAS and provides support to families throughout their relationship with EAS. He graduated from DePaul University with a finance and business management degree in 2010. He spent 6 years working as a client service specialist and account manager for a Chicago financial institution. He has also been a long time supporter of local nonprofit organizations that provide services to children and adults with autism and other disabilities.