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Sarah Mathison

Sarah Mathison is the Chief Clinical Officer at Early Autism Services. Sarah has over 10 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Master of Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University.

Additionally, Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Florida where she served as a research assistant in the field. Prior to joining EAS, Sarah served in various clinical and operations roles. Sarah has multi-site and multi-state experience with in-home and clinic-based settings and helped those locations achieve growth and quality metrics. Sarah enjoys mentoring and training newly-certified BCBAs and challenging clinicians to be innovative in their therapeutic approach.

Sarah is honored to partner with all of our staff to ensure they feel valued, passionate and engaged with the impactful support they provide to our families. The clinical department endeavors to provide opportunities for all of our staff to have an enriched career that is mission driven. Her team strives to increase development initiatives, research and collaboration across professionals. In her free time, Sarah enjoys teaching graduate students about the business of ABA, playing ultimate frisbee, fostering dogs, and going to farmers’ markets.