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On this episode of Life at EASe we are speaking with Joohi Tahir, Co-Founder and Executive Director of MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs). MUHSEN is a revolutionary non-profit founded by Shaykh Omar Suleiman. As a leader of this organization, Joohi advocates and markets the needs for which MUHSEN implements programs and services across North America promoting inclusion of all members of the community impacted by special needs through awareness, accommodation and acceptance. Visit MUHSEN’S website and follow them on FB, IG and Twitter @Muhsenorg for more information on their programs and services and to get involved. You may send questions or requests to . Check out our presentation on Education for Welcoming Families with Children with Autism to a Worship Community: . We look forward to being able to assist your place of worship in creating a more inclusive space for families with neurodivergent children.

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